Wish you could experience the thrill of flying an F-16 Fighter Jet or a Boeing 737-700? Now you can, at Flightdeck, Anaheim’s most popular flight simulation center.

Consistently rated one of the top 10 things to do in Orange County, Flightdeck’s flight simulation center features nine fighter jet simulations and one Boeing 737-700 flight simulator.

Whether you want to take control of a commercial jet or fight in air-to-air combat while maneuvering in the air at 600 knots, Flightdeck has the experience for you. Inexperienced pilots typically start with the FOX-1 Mission flight. Returning customers can experience the FOX-2 Mission, which builds on FOX-1 and includes additional air-to-ground combat. FOX-2 pilots have their choice of eight different aircraft, including the F-14 Tomcat and the MIG-29. Both missions are 45 minutes long.

Customers looking to experience an increased challenge can participate in the three-hour Viper-1 program. After three blocks of highly personalized instruction, pilots test their ability to perform a combined skills flight in a simulated combat environment. Training includes taxi and take-off, formation take-off, basic landing procedures, air combat maneuvers, air-to-air munitions, target acquisition, SAM Missile avoidance, and more.

While the majority of Flightdeck’s simulations are for one pilot only, parents and children, couples, and friends can ride together in Flightdeck’s newest addition: the F-111. This exciting new simulation takes place in an actual F-111 Fighter Bomber cockpit known as the “Aardvark.” Co-pilots sit side-by-side as they fight to avoid opponents, stay in the air, and hunt for bogeys. (Minimum age with adult supervision is 7)

Always dreamed of flying a commercial jet? Check out the 30, 60, and 90-minute options available for Flightdeck’s 737 flight simulator. The true-to-life, 180-degree wrap-around screen lets you see the world through a real pilot’s eyes, as you taxi, take off, climb, cruise, descend, and land in the midst of a variety of weather conditions. Experienced flight instructors guide you through the basic controls and teach you how to go through the pre-flight inspection. The 90-minute package may include an in-flight emergency and/or a diversion to another airport. With the 737-700 simulator, anything’s possible! 

Classroom training and in-flight instruction take place before each simulation to ensure participants get the most out of each experience. Group events, including birthday parties, bachelor parties, and corporate team building exercises, are available. Pilots must be at least 11 years old and 4’11” tall, unless accompanied by a parent in the F-111. Reservations by telephone are required. For additional information, visit Flightdeck at http://www.flightdeck1.com/.