The IRS has clarified what documentation is needed to claim your first time buyers and move-up buyers tax credit.

You are still required to fill out a 5405 form but is NOT requiring all buyers and sellers to sign the HUD-1 settlement statement. If you live in an area where it isn't common for the all parties to sign the HUD-1 its OK.

The IRS says: " in areas where signatures are not required on the settlement document, the IRS has clarified that it will accept a settlement statement if it is completed and valid according to local law. The IRS encourages those buyers to sign the settlement statement prior to attaching it to the tax return."

So if you live in Southern California where it’s uncommon for buyers and sellers to sign the HUD-1 make sure you the buyer(s) sign your HUD-1 statement before mailing it in with your tax return.

If you are a move up buyer or repeat buyer, the IRS is requiring documentation that proves you lived in your last home 5 of the last 8 years. Items the IRS will consider as proof are: tax records, mortgage interest statements, and home owner’s insurance records.