Is it time to buy your first home? Well, if you are paying $2200 a month on rent, then it may be time to make that move into homeownership. With as little as 3% down payment and closing costs (some of which you can as the seller to pay for you) you can buy a home for $350,000 and be paying the same amount in house payment as you are paying in rent. Some cities have first time buyer programs or there may be federal programs available to help with silent seconds or down payment assistance. Plus you gain a tax benefit from being able to deduct the interest and property taxes from your gross income. Of course talk to a good lender, which we can help you find, before you get started in your home buying search.

So, is it the time for you to buy and become a homeowner?

Loan Information

Loan amount


Annual interest rate


Number of months


Monthly principal and interest payment


Monthly property taxes


Monthly hazard insurance


Monthly PMI (if applicable)


Total monthly payment (including taxes, insurance, and PMI)



If you are ready to start the process you will find our Home Buyers Guide Helpful

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