Median prices in So Cal are on the rise compared to a year ago January 2009. The Orange County and Los Angeles home sales markets improved significantly while Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura took a hit again.  Orange County was up by 3.4% in sales over January of last year for a total of 1,867 home sales. The Big new is prices rose 15.4% over January 2009 in Orange County. San Bernardino County is the only one where prices in homes dropped another 7.4% while prices remained the same in Riverside County with no gain over last year.  Over all the six counties home prices rose 8.6% over January of last year.

Now if you have been sitting on the fence to take advantage of the bottom of the market you better find a home NOW! With all the counties experiencing increases in home values except in San Bernardino County waiting for the right moment is over.

The $8,000.00 tax credit runs out the end of April 2010.