Title Name Phone Email
General Info Receptionist 714-990-7600  
Assistant City Manager Terry Matz 714-990-7770 Email
City Council Meets 1st & 3rd Tuesday 7 PM  
City Attonrey James L Markman 714-990-0901  
City Manager Tim O'Donnell 714-990-7710 Email
Community Service Director Scott Malkemus 714-990-7738 Email
Development Services Director Charles View 714-990-7689 Email
Economic Development Director Eric Nicoll 714-671-4421 Email
Financial Services Director Bill Gallardo 714-990-7676 Email
Fire Chief Al Nero 714-990-7644 Email
Fire Department Business Office 714-990-7655  
Maintenance Services Director Bill Higgins 714-990-7650 Email
Mayor Don Schweitzer 714-990-7700 Email
Personal Director Gordon Youngs 714-671-4446 Email
Police Department Business Office 714-990-7625  
Chief of Police Bill Hutchinson 714-990-7634 Email

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Utilities and Services  
Animal Control 714-935-7419
Building Permits 714-990-7669
Business License 714-990-7686
Cable Television 888-683-1000
Disposal (Breal Disposal) 714-238-3300
Disposal (Olinda Landfill) 714-834-6752
Electricity (SCE) 714-747-8908
Gas (The Gas Co) 800-747-8908
Gas (Holidays & Weekends) 800-427-2200
Social Security Administration 800-772-1213
Telegraph (Western Union) 800-325-6600
Telephone 800-491-2355
Water (City of Brea) 714-990-7687    

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