Today my wife (Carol) had a call from a new client who was very angry with her. She hadn't even shown them any property yet. The client was referred to us by their lender whom she had had occasion to work with before. The buyer called Carol about a specific home in Anaheim Hills they had fallen in love with on paper. Carol called the agent who said they already had a strong offer over list price with 25% down and great FICO scores, and he would call if anything happened to that offer, even taking her cell phone number. Carol conveyed the information back to the buyers and emailed them several other properties similar in size and price range. The arrangements were made to view the available properties on Saturday 4 days later. The next day the buyer saw it still available on the web and called the listing agent. He told them the home was available and would they like to see it.

Now you know why the buyer was angry with Carol

After about 20 minutes of conversation going over what the selling agent and Carol talked about
, the client realized Carol conveyed the information the selling agent had given to her. Of course when Carol called back the listing agent his comment was the first offer fell out and they accepted another offer on the same day. In the past we had had a good relationship with this agent and would never have figured he would of played these kinds of games. This is not the first time and it probably won't be the last time this type of thing happens to all of us in today’s cloudy real estate ethics market.  We Hate Disingenuous Real Estate Agents!

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